With the help of these techniques, countries around the world are trying to eradicate the coronavirus.

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The coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the world at this time. Thousands of people have died due to this virus, on the other hand millions of people are infected. In such a situation, the governments around the world have taken tough steps to stop this epidemic. These range from social distancing to lockdown to restrictions. Apart from this, governments have resorted to different techniques to control this virus, which has given them considerable success. So today we will tell you about such special techniques, using which this dangerous virus is being prevented. Let's take a look at these techniques…

Use of Artificial Intelligence Technology

Most countries in the world are using artificial intelligence technology to prevent coronavirus, as it will be easier to track the infected with this technology. At the same time, like France, India is also monitoring people through Artificial Intelligence Surveillance. At present, this technology is being used in Telangana. It is expected that in the coming time it will be used in the metro along with the big cities of the country.

Mobile contact tracing technology is being used

The world is currently using different types of technology to deal with coronavirus. One of them is the mobile contact tracing technique. Countries around the world are identifying the infected and giving information about the virus through this technique. Now the work of the governments has become easier. At the same time, this technology works on Bluetooth instead of GPS. The reason is that this does not put much pressure on the battery of the device. GPS often does not work properly in multi-story buildings. Let me tell you that recently Apple and Google launched the exposure notification API Contact Tracing. Through this technology, Android and iPhone users will now be able to easily identify corona infections. Apart from this, users of both devices will also get notifications when they come in contact with the Corona infected.

Robots will outperform the Coronavirus

The havoc of the coronavirus has increased so much that now governments around the world are using robots to protect their medical staff and doctors. These include delivery robots, temperature checking robots, and cleanliness robots. Let me tell you that just last month, robotics brand Milagro announced to install the advanced AI-powered robot Milagro IMAP 9 and Humanoid ELF robot at AIIMS Hospital in Delhi.

Different types of devices are being used

At this time all countries of the world are trying to eradicate the virus at their own level. Along with this, now governments are also using electronic devices. In this episode, Hong-kong uses wristbands, South Korea uses CCTV and England uses Vitalpatch. Tracking people has become easier with the use of these devices. Along with this, the government has also got information from these devices that where users have met any infected person or not.

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