Why is one corner of the mobile SIM card cut off? Click here to know the reason


We all use mobile phones, but at the same time, if you have noticed while inserting the SIM card, then one corner of it is cut off. But after all, what is the reason behind making the SIM card design like this? Today we are going to tell you about this.

The length of the mobile SIM card is 15 mm, width is 25 mm and thickness is 0.76 mm. One corner of the SIM card is cut so that there is no misalignment of the card in the tray.

A cut mark is applied for the correct placement of the SIM card in the tray. So that we do not insert the SIM wrongly. With this, we will insert the SIM card on the wrong side or way and the SIM card will show disabled. With the corner cut off, you will not insert the SIM in the phone incorrectly. If the SIM was made rectangular then it would have been a little problem to put it.

The same design of SIM has been going on since phones with keypads used to come earlier and this design remains intact even today. Due to this people did not face any problem in putting it on or removing it.