Why did Google remove Mitron and 'Remove China Apps' from the Play Store, Here is the answer


Google has recently removed two rapidly growing mobile apps from the Play Store. These two apps are named 'Mitron' and 'Remove China Apps'. Both these apps gained a lot of popularity in India in a very short time. Now Google has explained why both of them have been removed from the Play Store.

"We removed a video app earlier this week due to a technical policy issue," said Sameer Samat, vice president of Android and Google Play. We are constantly helping developers to fix the issue so that they can publish their app on PlayStow again. '

In such a situation, the friend's app can return to the play store soon. Now talking about Remove China Apps, the possibility of this app coming back is very less, because this app promotes the trend of deleting other apps from the phone.

Samat said, 'We have the rule to ensure a healthy and competitive environment with developers. Developers can be successful in the play-store based on design and innovation, not by targeting a particular app. This kind of attitude towards any other app is not in the interest of developers and users. We have applied this rule on many apps in the recent past.

Let me tell you that the friends app was like Tiktok and its features are also like Tiktok. At the same time, Remove China Apps used to delete all the Chinese apps present in the phones of Indian users. In just 15 days, Remove China apps were downloaded more than 10 million times.