While working from home, these keyboard shortcut will be very useful for you


The country is under lockdown due to Corona infection. Due to this, most people are doing office work from their homes. Obviously you too must be working from home. In this way, we will tell you about some shortcuts related to the keyboards here, with the help of which you will be able to finish the work of the office sitting at home fast. They will also save you time. So let's have a look at these keyboard shortcuts ...

Ctrl + A

You can select text, file, and folder at once through this shortcut. This will complete your work faster and will also save time. This will not require you to use the mouse.

Ctrl + Z

This shortcut is very important for you. If you accidentally delete the text written on the notepad, you can bring that text back through this shortcut. However, you must immediately press Control plus Z to return the text. If you use this shortcut after some time, it will not work.

Ctrl + C

Most people are aware of this shortcut. You can copy any text at once without a mouse through this shortcut.

Ctrl + Alt + Del

If your computer or laptop is hanging, you can open the task manager box through this shortcut and close the device. For this, you have to press the control, alt, and delete buttons simultaneously.

Ctrl + N

You can open a new window in the web browser through this shortcut. This will not require you to move the mouse again and again. Also, it will save you time.