WhatsApp will soon launch these 5 new features, know the details!


1. Invite the group with better control:

For your information, let us tell you that recently, WhatsApp has made a small but very effective change in its group privacy feature. The app has replaced the "none" option with "except my contact" which gives users better control over who can add them to groups. Those added to this option will be required to send a group invitation via personal chat and the user will have three days to accept or decline the invitation.

2. Dark Mode:

WhatsApp has been working on the much-awaited Dark Mode feature for some time. The facility is expected to arrive officially soon. As the name suggests, enabling dark mode or dark themes in WhatsApp will soften the colours in the app and darken the background so that users are less likely to strain their eyes while using the app in the dark. Dark mode reduces the battery drainage of the phone but only when the phone is an OLED model.

3. Netflix in PIP mode:

WhatsApp beta users on iOS can now stream Netflix trailers in PIP mode within the app. Note that PIP mode( Picture in Picture)was launched earlier this year but did not support Netflix video. This feature remains to be rolled out in the stable version of the app.

4. Fingerprint Lock:

WhatsApp launched the FaceID lock and fingerprint lock feature for iOS users several months before it was launched earlier this year. Feature on Android. This feature ensures better privacy on the app when your phone is inaccessible. You can enable a native lock for the app using your biometrics — fingerprint on Android and Face ID on iOS.

5. Boomerang feature for iOS:

Like Instagram, iOS users can now use the Boomerang feature to create GIFs of less than seven seconds. This feature is currently only available on iOS.