WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Know how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp without anyone knowing?


If you want to read deleted messages again, then for this there is such a great trick in WhatsApp, with the help of which you can read deleted messages without anyone knowing.

New Delhi. WhatsApp, the most used chatting platform in the world, keeps on bringing many features for its users every day. But many times we do not even know about the useful feature present in WhatsApp. Messages sent with the Disappearing Message feature in WhatsApp are deleted. With the help of this, users can delete messages sent at a given time. But sometimes we have to read the deleted message. For which we can adopt this trick.

Although there is no such feature in WhatsApp so that you can read the deleted message, with the help of this trick you can read the deleted message.

>> First of all you have to download the third-party application WhatsRemoved+.

>> Once the WhatsRemoved+ app is installed on the phone, open it and agree to the terms and conditions.

>> You have to give access to the phone's notifications for the app to work.

>> If you agree, click on the Yes option.

>> After this select the applications whose notifications you want to save.

>> To read deleted WhatsApp messages just enable WhatsApp messages and then click on continue.

>>Apart from this, other options will also be available which include Facebook, Instagram, etc.

>> Select the file you want to save.

>> After this you will go to a page where all the deleted messages will be shown.

>> You have to click on the WhatsApp option near the detected option at the top of the screen.

>> After enabling these settings, you will be able to read all the deleted WhatsApp messages.