WhatsApp: The new policy is being implemented from tomorrow, what will happen if not accepted? Know everything


WhatsApp's privacy policy comes into effect from May 15. Many crore people have accepted the new privacy policy and there are many crore people who have not accepted it yet. WhatsApp recently said in the petition filed in Delhi High Court about its privacy policy that all Internet-based apps have the same policy as ours. Big Basket, Koo, Ola Trucollar, Jomato, and Arogya Setu app also take users' data. Let us know what will happen to your account if you do not accept the privacy policy till tomorrow, that is, 15 May.

WhatsApp has said that the accounts of users who do not accept the new privacy policy will not be deleted, rather some services will be discontinued including services such as messages and calls. Earlier, the company had said that the accounts of users who do not accept the privacy policy will be deleted.

WhatsApp said today that no account will be deleted for not accepting its new privacy update, but users not accepting these disputed terms after 'several weeks' will not be able to see their chat list. In the end, the use of the facility to answer phone calls or video calls on their app will be banned.

If you do not accept these updates, you will not be able to use all the features of WhatsApp. You will get calls and notifications for some time, but will not be able to read messages from the app nor will be able to send messages to anyone. You can accept the policy even after 15 May. The company will keep you informed through notifications. With regard to the new privacy policy, WhatsApp has said that it is only for business accounts. WhatsApp will only read the chatting from the business account and share it with the parent company Facebook. The new policy has nothing to do with private chat.

If you do not want to accept the policy, before May 15, you can export your old chats on Android or iPhone. You can also download your account report. If you delete a WhatsApp account from Android, iPhone, or KaiOS, it will not be reactivated. In this case, your old chats will also be erased and you will be removed from all WhatsApp groups and your WhatsApp backup will also be deleted.