WhatsApp said, the privacy of users will not be disturbed by the new update


Facebook-owned social messaging platform WhatsApp has had to issue an explanation after the controversy over its new update. The company said on Saturday that the new update would not discredit the private chat of its users. Globally, WhatsApp claimed criticism that the new update is not going to change the data sharing process between it and Facebook at all.

Earlier this week, WhatsApp started sending in-app notifications to users about new updates related to their terms of service and privacy policy. In these notifications, WhatsApp explained how user data is processed and how data is shared with all partners of this social media giant for integration with all of Facebook's products. Users were also asked to agree to the new privacy policy and terms of service by February 8 to continue using WhatsApp.

These notifications of WhatsApp triggered a round of criticism on the Internet and various types of memes started circulating about the alleged data sharing of WhatsApp with Facebook. There were also reports of users largely leaving WhatsApp and downloading its rival platform signal and telegram. Elon Musk, the world's richest man, also took part in this debate and advised people to leave WhatsApp.

Due to this, on Saturday, WhatsApp chief Will Cathart made his company stand out through a long series of tweets. He said that the company has updated its policy to make it transparent and to better inform people about alternative trading facilities. He said it is very important for us to make it clear that this update gives information about business communication and this will not change the data sharing process of WhatsApp with Facebook.

This update will not affect how people interact privately with their friends or family or with anyone else in the world. Cathart emphasized that chatting on WhatsApp is completely end-to-end encryption (E2E), that neither she nor Facebook can see any private chat or call and that the company can fully protect this privacy. Is kind of committed.