WhatsApp rolls out new animated stickers, you can use then now


To improve the chatting experience of WhatsApp, it has rolled out animated stickers which will be available with the latest version of WhatsApp.

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is launching new features to give users a better chatting experience.

At the same time, the company has launched new animated stickers which will make the chat of users even more interesting. WhatsApp has rolled out animated stickers for both Android and iOS platforms and if you want to take advantage of them, first you have to update your WhatsApp ,because this feature will be available only on the updated version.

WhatsApp has shared the post on its Twitter account about the new animated stickers and it has been informed that along with the animated post, animated stickers have now become available and users can use them. These stickers include Rico Sweet Life, Playful Piyomaru, Bright Days, Moody Foodies, and Chummy Chum Chums etc. If you also want to use these stickers, then there are some tips to follow.

Step 1. To use animated stickers in WhatsApp, first of all, Android users have to update v2.20194.16 version and iOS users have to update v2.20.70 version of WhatsApp.

Step 2. After WhatsApp is updated, open a chat window and there you will get the option of stickers with emoji icon at the bottom of the chat. Click on it.

Step 3. After clicking on the option of stickers, tap on the '+' icon given in the sticker section. The built-in stickers store will open as soon as it is tapped.

Step 4. At the Stickers Store, you will find new animated stickers in the 'All Stickers' list which come with a play button and will look slightly different than regular stickers.

Step 5. From this, you can also preview the animated stickers of your choice and download them after watching the preview. As soon as you download, your stickers will be added to the section and you will be able to use them during chatting.