WhatsApp Privacy: Spill WhatsApp's pain, said- Arogya Setu, Jomato, Ola also take data, so why only question to us


The privacy policy of WhatsApp is going into effect from May 15 and before that on May 13, the government and WhatsApp are present in the Delhi High Court. Before that, on the petition filed in the Delhi High Court regarding his privacy policy, he said that all the internet-based apps have the same policy as ours. Big Basket, Koo, Ola Trucollar, Jomato, and Arogya Setu app also take users' data.

As reported by Inc42, WhatsApp has given an affidavit in court on May 5, criticizing the user data being taken by other apps. WhatsApp has also named Google, Microsoft, Zoom, and Republic World in its affidavit, which is a digital venture of Republic TV.

According to the report, WhatsApp has told the court that if its new privacy policy is blocked in India, other companies will also be affected by this decision. WhatsApp claims that if a decision comes against it, then the Grocery App and services of online doctor appointments in India will also be affected.

Explain that WhatsApp has said about the new privacy policy that it is only for business account. WhatsApp will only read the chatting from the business account and share it with the parent company Facebook. The new policy has nothing to do with private chat.

Apart from this, WhatsApp has also said that even after May 15, it will continue to send notifications to users to accept the policy, although it will not delete the account. After a few days, users will not be able to use some features of the app. For example, you will get the notification of the message, but will not be able to read the message.