WhatsApp Privacy Policy: Should You Accept It?


Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp (WhatsApp) is the most disputed privacy policy in force since May 15. Earlier, WhatsApp had said that the user who does not accept the policy, his account will be deleted, but WhatsApp has applied the formula to kill the snake and not break the sticks. WhatsApp has said that if you do not accept its new privacy policy, then it will not delete your account but will gradually close all the features, for example, you will see a notification of someone getting a message but you do not read it. Will find Let us understand in detail whether one should accept the privacy policy of WhatsApp?

What's in the new privacy policy of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has clearly stated that its new privacy policy has been prepared to keep the parent company Facebook in mind. Under the new privacy, WhatsApp data will be shared with Facebook, Instagram, and partner companies, but the thing to note here is that the new policy is only for business accounts i.e. if you chat on WhatsApp from a business account (WhatsApp Business) If you do, then only that company will take the data and give it to other companies, but if you are talking to a friend or relative with a common WhatsApp account, then your chatting company will not see nor share with any company, but if your If a friend uses the business app of WhatsApp, then your chatting company will read and share it. In such a situation, the new privacy policy is only for the business account. Private chat will not be affected after accepting it.

What does WhatsApp have to say about the new policy?

WhatsApp's new privacy policy was filed in the Delhi High Court, in response to which WhatsApp said that all Internet-based apps have the same policy as ours. Big Basket, Koo, Ola Trucollar, Jomato, and Arogya Setu app also take users' data. WhatsApp has given an affidavit in court on May 5, criticizing the user data being taken by other apps. WhatsApp has also named Google, Microsoft, Zoom, and Republic World in its affidavit, which is a digital venture of Republic TV. WhatsApp has told the court that if its new privacy policy in India is blocked then other companies will also be affected by this decision. WhatsApp claims that if a decision comes against it, then the Grocery App and services of online doctor appointments in India will also be affected. WhatsApp says that the new policy is only for business accounts. In such a situation, there should be no ruckus about it.

Whether to accept the new privacy policy of WhatsApp?

According to WhatsApp, this policy is only for business accounts, then there should be no problem in accepting it because people talk about a business only with a business account. If you do not accept the new policy, then you will get notifications to accept the policy for some time. For the first few days, you will be able to answer audio and video calls on WhatsApp, reply to the message, see notifications, but after a few weeks, calls, messages, and notifications will stop coming to your WhatsApp account. If you do not accept the policy and your account is not used for 120 days, then the company will delete your account.

What is the problem with the new privacy policy of WhatsApp?

In 2014, two years after Facebook bought WhatsApp, in 2016, the company issued a new privacy policy after which the company is sharing your mobile number with Facebook so that you get better friend suggestions and show you related advertisements. This simply means that WhatsApp is already sharing some of your data with Facebook. After the new privacy, WhatsApp is trying to share more of your data with Facebook. Under the new policy, the data of WhatsApp payment will also be shared with Facebook i.e. it will contain information from payment to the transaction, although the company has clearly said that private chats will not be affected. Here is the matter of taking data, there will be many such apps in your phone that are taking your data and that too secretly…