WhatsApp Pink: there is 'red flag' behind the Pink WhatsApp, know about it


A message is becoming very viral on WhatsApp, in which Pink WhatsApp is being claimed. With a link in the message, it is being claimed that this will make the theme of WhatsApp pink from green. There is also a claim that this is completely official, ie WhatsApp has released an update of Pink WhatsApp. So what is the truth of this message, let's know?

Cybersecurity expert Rajshekhar Rajaharia has warned people about this scam by tweeting. They have said that do not click on the link found with such a message. This is a very old method of cyber scam. Data can be hacked through this and hackers can get entry into your phone too. Even hackers can take access to all the data on your phone.

Apart from this, let us tell you that in all such cases, this is the case that hackers install an APK file in your phone through these links, and many times you get your personal information or password entered in Google Form. Once the APK file is installed on the phone, the hackers can easily make their way into your phone and get all the information from the backing.

Pink WhatsApp is exactly the same as WhatsApp Gold which goes viral every few months. Such apps and messages are completely fake. Through them, there is an attempt to install malware apps, etc. on your phone. So if you have also received such a message, delete it immediately.