WhatsApp is banning some accounts without warning, Check What to do If You're Blocked


The Facebook-owned messaging app said that If anyone is using an unsupported version of WhatsApp then account of those users can be temporarily banned. Users will receive an in-app message stating that their account has been "Temporarily banned."

If you are one of them who received this message than you will have to download the official app to continue using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp are Outdated versions of WhatsApp, and if you are using these WhatsApp version than you will surely receive this message.

"WhatsApp doesn't support these third-party apps because we can't validate their security practices," the company said.

What to do when account is blocked

When such a situation has to be faced, the user is advised to download the official version of Whatsapp so they can continue using this app. One thing is to worth noting that the user should save chat history before downloading the official Whatsapp app. If user is using Whatsapp Plus or GB Whatsapp they they should do it first.

The steps for this ehave been explained in the app's FAQ section in detail. Users can check the steps via FAQ section.