WhatsApp brought Log Out feature! Click here to know about it


Whatsapp has become a special part of our life and through this, we can stay connected with our relatives and friends with whom we do not meet. Whatsapp also continues to offer a variety of features to attract users. But there is no tool to take a break from this.

According to a new report by tech site WaBetaInfo, now you are going to get the feature of Log Out in WhatsApp. People had been in demand for this feature for a long time and this feature can prove to be extremely important for everyone.

WhatsApp is active with you around the clock. You keep getting messages from people from morning till evening and night, so you cannot take a break from this. Until now, there was only the option of Delete Account in WhatsApp.

But now the Delete Account option will be removed from WhatsApp and users will get the option to log out. The new Log Out option has come in the beta version of WhatsApp. Some people have started seeing this.

It is being told that the new Log Out feature will come in WhatsApp Messenger and Business version. It will be updated on both iOS and Android.