What will happen if the enemy country gets sensitive information about the illness of the people of the whole country?


Information about any of your physical problems, illness, or treatment is very personal. If the information related to a person's illness reaches his company, it can cause a crisis in his job or promotion. It can be more sensitive if the matter is related to a woman. In such a situation, when the government has decided that it will protect the health information of every citizen with the help of cloud companies and it can be obtained by any hospital at the click of a mouse, then after this, to maintain the confidentiality of health information and Questions have started to arise about data security. It is feared that if such sensitive information falls into the hands of the enemy country, it could be heavily misused.

Experts say that medical companies are willing to spend millions of dollars to collect people's health data. They use it to reach target patients, sell their products, and do special research. When a criminal falls in the hands of this information, a woman or man can also be blackmailed by showing danger to his / her social-family life.

What is the benefit

The plan to protect every citizen's health information on the cloud is ideally good. In case of any health problem or accident to a citizen, the doctor treating him can get information about all his chronic diseases in one click. By this, he can understand the patient's problems without telling them and start further treatment. This can provide proper treatment to the patient without losing time on very important occasions. This allows the government to keep a good watch on the vaccination of children and citizens.

But it is a danger

Securing data on the cloud has become the status symbol of large companies nowadays. This allows companies to see complete information of their customers in one click, this accelerates business. Cloud service provider companies claim it to be completely safe, but according to experts, data kept on the cloud-like Google, Facebook, WhatsApp can also be stolen and many such incidents have already happened. Thus if one click can be misused by getting the health data of the people of entire Delhi. Healthy information of a politician can be misused by falling into the hands of another political party or enemy country.

What is the expert say

According to Cyber ​​Law Expert Advocate Bhagyashree, under the Information Technology Act 2011, people's health data is considered highly confidential, private, and secure. But its regulation applies only to private companies. Government machinery can achieve this under certain provisions. In this way, the health data of people may be in danger. Leaking of these figures can increase problems in people's marriage, divorce, and adoption cases. If this information is made accessible even to private hospitals (such is the plan) then the information of the people of the entire state can be threatened if only one employee has the wrong intentions.

Data security is not the responsibility of the government

According to Advocate Bhagyashree, the data protection bill 2019 has not been considered as the responsibility of the government. But if the government is collecting the health information of the people at its level, and is also keeping them safe then it will have to accept this responsibility legally. At the time of the use of Aadhaar, Arogya Setu App, questions were raised about the safety of the data of the people.

Health data can contain thousands of times more sensitive information than Aadhaar and Arogya Setu, which can be misused in many ways. Therefore, in this case, the government cannot escape its responsibility of data security, as it comes under the violation of the fundamental right of the right to privacy of the people.