What issues do women talk about the most on Twitter, revealed from the survey of Twitter


Today almost everyone is active on social media. Only 1.75 crore people from India use Twitter. At the same time, the number of Facebook users has crossed 41 million. Women are also included in social media users and they share their views with their friends like other people, but if you are asked on which issue women talk about most on social media, then maybe you have an answer No

Twitter has conducted a survey just before Women's Day in which studies have been done about women's tweets and issues. In this survey of Twitter, 700 women have participated, whose 5,22,992 tweets have been studied. The tweet of women has been studied in 19 cities in the country in nine categories. This survey includes tweets made between January 2019 to February 2020.

This survey of Twitter India has revealed that most of the women of India talk the most about their passion. According to the survey report, 24.9 percent of women talk about Passion (Fashion, Books, Beauty, Entertainment, and Food). On the other hand, 20.8 percent of current affairs, 14.5 percent about celebrity moments, 11.7 percent about society, and 8.7 percent about social change are tweeted by women, although among these celebrity moments have been the most engaged. Tweets related to Celebrity Moment get more likes and replies.

Chennai tops in celebrity moment

According to the survey, tweets related to celebrities are mostly from Chennai. Apart from this, Bangalore tweets the most about society, social change, etc., Guwahati Passion and Current Affair. This survey has also revealed that women are most interested in Twitter. According to the survey, 20.8 percent of women login on Twitter to be updated with the news of the country and the world. In this case, Guwahati and Delhi are the top two cities. Hashtags like #StudentExams, # COVID19 and # DelhiElections2020 are on top in this category.

A surprising and worrying piece of information has also come out of this survey of Twitter and that is that only 11.7 percent of women want to connect with each other. Most tweets from these women's accounts have been with #WomenInScience, #WomenInTech, #WomenInMarketing, and #GirlGamers.