What is the 'dark web' of the Internet, where the common Internet user can not go?


Internet usage has become common a practice in the present time in India, the use of the internet has increased manifold in the last few years. Whereas it is likely to grow further in the coming time. Due to the cheap Internet, today people enjoy internet surfing and downloading. But apart from the Internet you know, there is another Internet world known as 'Dark Web'.

What is the dark web

Dark Web Internet is the black world where all sites and networks are fully encrypted. That means it is difficult to access or monitor it. This world is hidden from every internet user though many users can access this dark web. But it is considered a black market in the common language, from where hacking to cryptocurrency is available.

Users accessing the Dark Web do illegal activities, from weapons information to bitwork scams and illegal software. Apart from this, child pornography content is also available on the Dark Web. So it has been completely banned. It is a crime to access it because it is completely illegal. So this is called the black world of the internet.

By the way, users use different methods to access it, but according to the news it is accessed through a browser. Although this browser can not be accessed directly, some changes have to be made. But we would like to say that the use of this dark web is completely illegal, so do not forget about it also.