What is refresh rate, what is the best smartphone with refresh rate, know its advantages and disadvantages


Often the refresh rate in the phone is highlighted a lot by the smartphone makers. But very few people will know that what is the refresh rate after all? The refresh rate of mobile or smart TV is measured in Hertz. It is believed that a higher refresh rate means a more smooth phone. Refresh rates up to 60Hz, 90Hz and 120Hz are given in the phone.

What is the refresh rate?

The refresh rate is in a way a combination of render technology. The number of times a device with a display processes a graphics or image in a given time is considered to be the refresh rate. It is measured in Hertz. Technically speaking, the process of refreshing the frame in one second is called refresh rate. Generally, 60Hz to 120Hz are used in mobile phones or TVs. High-performance hardware is required for a high refresh rate.

Benefits of high refresh rate

Sports or action scenes can be seen better on mobile or TV with a high refresh rate. The faster the frames are rendered, the smoother the display will look. Also, get a great scrolling experience. Simply put, there is no problem of lag in mobile and TV. If they stream the video, then they will be able to smooth the games with heavy graphics. Often when visuals get stuck during a game or video streaming, we say that this is happening due to low RAM and a simple processor. But every time the reason is not only RAM and processor but also low refresh rate.

Disadvantages of high refresh rate

A high refresh rate also has its disadvantages. A smartphone or TV with a higher refresh rate consumes more power. However, now smartphone companies are given the option to change the refresh rate during gaming and high graphics usage. Also, a big battery and fast charging support is being provided in the phone.

Which is the best refresh rate

If you only do small things including calling, messaging, and web surfing on mobile, then a 60 Hz refresh rate is enough. At the same time, there is work to watch videos and play some games, then a 90 Hz refresh rate is enough. Yes, if you play a lot of games, then it is better to take a phone with a 120 Hz refresh rate.