Want to save a Smartphone battery, then adopt these methods, no third-party app is needed!


We all use smartphones. But often we are troubled by the problem of running out of batteries quickly. In such a situation, you should never take the help of any third-party app to save battery. There are some tips that you can use to save battery.

Power saving mode

Smartphones have many power-saving modes that users can set low, medium, and high according to their own. With which restriction is placed on the phone's CPU, Always-on display, and more battery consuming features.

Use wifi

Use WiFi as far as possible. Because the phone's data uses more battery.

Keep location, Bluetooth, NFC off

Try turning off location, NFC, and Bluetooth in your mobile. As long as they are on, your phone battery will continue to run like this. So keep them closed.

Reduce vibration strength

The phone also vibrates with calls and notifications coming on mobile. When the phone vibrates, the battery consumption increases even more so keep it low.

Do not apply live wallpaper to phone

There is an option to set live wallpaper in the smartphone but remove it for good battery backup. Apart from this, you also remove the live widget.

Turn on the dark mode

If your phone has an OLED or AMOLED display, then you can increase the battery backup of your phone by turning on the dark mode.