VI network disappeared from many parts of India! Click here to know what is the reason


Telecom Company VI has been facing connectivity problems for the past few days.

From the Pune region of VI, the users filed a complaint about the lack of network, a Vi users wrote that the problem of not having network since last night.

The same Vi customer care has said that due to yesterday's rains, heavy water has accumulated in many areas of Pune, due to which many areas are not networked, our technical team is working fast in this matter, due to which Soon this problem can be overcome.

He was informed about the matter through a tweet from Vi, saying that this is a temporary problem that is being worked on rapidly to overcome, the company has asked the users for some time for this.

After this Vi Kastram Care informed in a tweet that the problem of network downgrade can be resolved in 3 hours Vi has accepted the problem of not having network in Pune.