Veteran tech company Google will be investigated in India, these serious allegations, know the whole matter


The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has ordered an inquiry against the giant tech company. Google is alleged to have illegally traded in India's Android-based television market, which is a violation of the Entry Trust Act. The CCI, in its order dated June 22, immediately found Googe guilty of the Indian Entry Trust Regulation and ordered the Director-General to investigate the matter. A complaint has been filed against Google for misuse of payment app and Android mobile operating system by CCI.

These allegations against Google

A complaint was filed by Kshitij Arya, the counsel for the Anti Trust in this matter. A person named Purushottam Anand alleged in May last year that companies using the Google Android TV platform have to sign a license with Google, which prevents them from doing business with Google's rival companies. . This also applies to smartphones and other devices with smart TVs. Due to this, companies doing television manufacturing are facing problems. Such a licensing process of Google is alleged to end the competition in the market.

Google dominates the Indian Smart TV market

Google has denied all the allegations. According to Google, free licensing is available in the smart TV market in India. If Google is to be believed, then it has to compete with the already established TV operating system in the Indian market. Let us know that Google has the highest 65% market share in the Indian Smart TV market. According to Counterpoint Research, more than 8 million smart TVs have been sold worldwide in the year 2019. Smart TV, Wi-Fi enabled TV with streaming service is registering a lot of growth. Talking about smart TVs, out of 5 smart TVs sold worldwide are based on Google's Android-based system.