Vaani Kapoor Trolled due to Written Lord Hare Ram on Crop Top


Bollywood desk. Vani Kapoor shared a photo on her Instagram page on November 11, in which she was seen wearing a bikini top named Ram. Seeing the name of Lord Ram on this top, the users got agitated and whipped the speech fiercely. Seeing her being so badly trolled on social media, Vani ditched this post. But by then this photo had gone viral. Which is still being shared.

Vaani was in the film which has earned 300 crores: 'Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare' wrote this Ram tune in the top. Significantly, Vani was recently seen in the film 'War' opposite Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff, which has done a business of around 317 crores at the box office. And became the highest-grossing film of 2019.

This is how trolled speech

A user named Shandilya Sanjay Tiwari has written - These are the people who can do anything for fame and money. And after trying all the tricks, when they fail, then they come back with things like the Meto movement. Feel like spitting on them.

A user named Suyog writes- The question is why people are wearing such clothes. They use everything like fashion because we don't take any big action. People should understand and should not do anything stupid like this. It should be removed immediately.