Useful news: How to download Netflix videos and shows


Netflix has become the premier on-demand video streaming platform in India today. Many of you will also be users of Netflix, but have you ever thought about downloading a show, movie, or video from Netflix? Might have thought but no option would be found. Well now the company itself has removed your trouble. Netflix has released a new version of its app with the option of downloading, although this downloading will only be for offline viewing and not sharing with anyone, ie Netflix has now given the option of in-app download. So let's know about it ...

How to download videos for Netflix to watch offline

The first thing is to update your Netflix app so that you get a new version of the app. After the app is updated, search for the movie, web shows or TV shows that you want to download, however with some videos you will not get the option to download.

After clicking on your favorite shows, at the bottom, your download option will appear which will be next to the Play button. To download on Windows 10 you will need to go to the menu bar. After clicking on the download button, the video will be downloaded, which you will later be able to watch even if there is no internet. You can also see the downloading list by going to the menu bar.

Let me tell you that the downloaded videos will end automatically after a set time. In such a situation, you can delete the video after watching it so that there is room for other videos.