Twitter update: The wait is over, the feature to edit the tweet is coming soon


The demand for the edit button on Twitter has been going on for a long time, but so far Twitter has not officially announced any such features. Meanwhile, a leaked report claims that Twitter is testing the undo button, which is similar to editing a tweet. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong said by tweeting that the tweet is working on the undo send button, after which you will be able to rectify the tweet mistake even after it has been tweeted.

To use Twitter's Undo feature, you will have only a few seconds, that is, you will not be able to edit the tweet after the end of a set second. According to the report, clicking on the Undo button will open a menu that will tell you how long you want to undo any of your tweets. This will be in the same way as sending an email gives the option of undoing send for a few seconds. According to the information revealed so far, the maximum time will be 30 seconds of undoing tweet.

Significantly, Twitter has recently launched a super follow payment feature in which Twitter users will be able to take money to show additional content to their followers. This includes bonus tweets, access to community groups, subscriptions to newsletters, etc. Twitter has said that users who have a lot of followers, under the Super Follow feature, can take $ 4.99, or about Rs. 364 per month, for special content from their users.

That is, your followers will have to pay Rs 364 every month to watch your special content and get the newsletter. Twitter has come under the category of YouTube and Instagram with the new feature. Please tell that YouTube also has the facility of downloading and subscription for special content.