Twitter is bringing the most useful feature so far but will have to pay


Micro-blogging site Twitter is constantly bringing new features to its users. Twitter has increased the tweet limit from 140 to 240. Apart from this, advertising has also started in the video, while if you want to tweet long, then there is a facility for the thread.

It is now reported that Twitter is preparing to bring a feature that has been in demand for a long time. Twitter is set to bring the facility of editing tweets, however, there is a problem with this, according to the initial report, you will have to pay for this feature. Currently, Twitter is surveying for this feature.

According to reports, this feature of Twitter will be named Undo Send. For this, the company will offer a separate button. After the new update, users will also get the facility of uploading more than 240 long tweets and HD videos, but will also have to pay for it.

According to the information revealed so far, the edit button will only work for 30 seconds after tweeting. During this time, the user will be able to delete or edit the tweet. Paid users will also get options like font, hashtag, new icons, and theme color in the background.

Paid users will get the facility of uploading videos five times larger than ordinary users. A few days ago there was news that Twitter is preparing for job listings, although this service will also be paid.