Twitter Down - Twitter Down, Page Refresh and Posting Trouble in India


The social networking site Twitter was down for over an hour. So far, more than 2,200 people have reported it on the Downeductor website. According to a report by the down educator, users are having difficulty refreshing their news feeds on Twitter. This problem is not only in the web version of Twitter but also in iPhone and Android users. Many users are having difficulty posting.

It is being said that users are facing this problem due to some technical glitch. Hopefully, Twitter will talk about this issue soon. According to the company's editor, most of the complaints of Twitter not working are from desktop users. This is followed by complaints from Android and iOS users. The question of Twitter Down was not resolved until this news was written. There are also obstacles in posting TV9 Marathi on Twitter.

Also, the news feed is not fresh. If you too are facing this, then you can report it on Twitter has not yet commented on the matter. Therefore, users are demanding Twitter to resolve this problem as soon as possible. Let me tell you that India is quite a large number of Twitter users all over the world and many big celebrities are connected to it.

There are many people following Twitter in India. However, it is hoped that this problem is resolved as soon as possible.