Twitter announced a new feature, users will be able to earn money from followers


Twitter on Thursday announced two new features that will allow users to showcase additional content to their followers and create and add group-based exclusive content. These two changes, seen in Twitter, will also fit on models that are quite successful and popular on other social media platforms.

One of these will be the Super Follow Payment feature in which Twitter users will be able to take money to give their followers access to additional content. This includes bonus tweets, access to community groups, subscriptions to the newsletter. Twitter has shown through screenshots how Twitter users can earn $ 4.99 every month. Twitter wants to provide its users a means of earning through their fans.

In recent times, the direct payment tool has proved to be important for users. Patrian has been highly successful, with other platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Git Hub also launching such paid features. Twitter will also hold its stake. The company believes that the subscription feature will increase its revenue. However, he has not revealed how much his stake will be.

Along with this, Twitter has announced a new feature called Community which will be like some Facebook group. People can form groups according to their preference and will be able to join them. Twitter will show more tweets on these topics as per their liking. The group has been a huge success in Facebook, although it has also faced a lot of moderation problems.

When it will be launched, it has not been revealed yet. Twitter has displayed it in a presentation to analysts and investors on the era of 'What's Next'.