TV, refrigerator, washing machine will be expensive from January 1, know new prices


If you are planning to buy a TV, fridge, washing machine or other home appliances, then buy early, now you have three days, because of the prices of LED TV, fridge, washing machine and some other home appliances from the new year. Can increase up to 10 percent. The main reason for this is the rise in prices of copper, aluminum, and steel. In addition, maritime and air freight have also increased.

200% increase in prices of TV panels

Manufacturers say that the prices of TV panels have increased by 200 percent due to reduced supply from global vendors, while plastic has also become expensive due to rising crude prices. Due to this, Panasonic India, LG, and Thomson have decided to increase the price of their products since January. Soni said that she is taking stock of the situation right now. After that, she will decide on the price hike.

Which company increased prices

Panasonic's product prices may increase by six to seven percent in January. At the same time, all the products of LG Electronics will be expensive by seven to eight percent from January 1. These include TVs, washing machines, and fridges. Sony has not yet decided to increase the price of its product.

The compulsion of companies to increase prices

The open sale price of TVs from French electronics brand Thomson and Kodak's brand Super Plastics has gone up by 200 percent. The company says that it is also lacking in the market. So Thomson and Kodak have decided to increase the prices of Android TV by 20 percent from January. Companies say that corona and lockdown have led to a decrease in mining activity, which has led to a sharp rise in the prices of essential metals. At the same time, due to a lack of container, the freight cost has also increased by five to six times. This has increased the total cost from 20 percent to 25 percent. In such a situation, raising the price is a compulsion.