Tips For Quick Charging: Follow these methods to charge the smartphone fast!


Many times when our phone is discharged, it is slowly charged even after charging. In such a time, we all want the phone to be charged quickly because no one has time to charge the phone for hours. But sometimes due to some of our mistakes, the phone is slowly charged. In this article, we are telling you some ways that can help your phone to be quickly charged.

Charge the phone on the wall socket: -To charge the phone to the wall socket. This makes the phone quick charge. If the phone is connected to the laptop via USB cable, then the phone is slowly charged.

High powered charger: Use a charger that generates as much power as your smartphone can handle. The iPhone 6 phone, for example, comes with a 1 amp power adapter. But it can handle chargers up to 2.1 amp. In such a situation, this phone can be charged quickly with an adapter of such power.

Put on airplane mode: Whenever the phone is on charging, put the phone on airplane mode. With this, your phone will be charged very quickly.

Do not check the phone again and again: Do not check the phone again and again when you have put the phone on charging. This keeps the phone battery constantly in use and drains along with charging the battery of the phone.