This washing machine comes for only ₹ 249! Click here to know what is special about it


Most people use a washing machine to wash clothes. But now such a gadget has come which is of mobile size but it cleans the stains on clothes in minutes.

The name of this mini washing machine is Yupod Automatic Cloth Washer Machine. The capacity of this washing machine is 2.5kg. It is available in red and orange colors.

It is an automatic top-loading machine. It comes in plastic but its plastic is of the best quality. Its shipping weight is 3 kg. Its model number is 10006.

This water machine is a multi-program water machine. It also has a chord which has a plaque. You can also set the timer for this washer machine. The price of this water machine is ₹ 249. You can buy it both online or offline.