This machine can eliminate mosquitoes by removing them from every corner, the price is only 1256 rupees!


In summer, mosquitoes also enter the room due to cooler indoor air and cool air of AC. In such a situation, we use many types of pesticides to kill mosquitoes. But they have no effect on mosquitoes.

In such a situation, if you are troubled by mosquitoes, then Xiaomi Mijia Mosquito Repeat Machine has come in the market for you. Inside it is a mosquito repellent tablet which is made up of many chemicals.

There is a fan inside this machine and the chemical filled with the same fan's air slowly starts coming out. Tablets are installed inside this machine, while cells are installed in the back side. Switches are also provided to turn this machine on. It takes 10 hours to press the switch 2 times. The life of the Mosquito tablet is 90 days and the price of this machine is 1256 rupees.