This CCTV Camera bulb being sold indiscriminately in the market! You will be shocked to know the price


A closed-circuit television camera is a type of camera called a closed-circuit television camera (CCTV). With this camera, sitting in one place can monitor the nearby events and keep the activities of the people safe as videos.

Today we are going to tell you about a bulb which also has a CCTV camera. You do not need to spend extra money on CCTV by purchasing this bulb. You will get it easily online or offline. The price of this bulb is ₹ 1,899. It is perfect according to your budget.

The specialty of this bulb is that both the camera and the light work together in it. With this smart home automated bulb, you can remotely turn on and off and monitor your home from home and office or anywhere with mobile connectivity.

This bulb is built using the V380 mobile application available in your handset market with an easy setup facility for do-it-yourself installation. Simply downloading the V380 app from Playstore is 'Hoga'. A Micro SD card of up to 128 GB has been used in this bulb.