These websites are banned in India, you can go to jail on seeing


The population of people who talk openly about sex in India is extremely small, but in the era of cheap internet, a large section of the country is giving great attention to the pornographic content available on porn sites. Ever since Internet service has become cheaper in the country, its demand has started increasing. The government has introduced stringent rules last year, changing the rules. Despite this, people access related websites through tricks like VPN or proxy. It is not illegal to watch porn in the country, but viewing or circulating porn can be overwhelming.

It is illegal to publish any pornographic material or to assist in doing so. It carries a sentence of five years and a fine of three lakh rupees. It includes videos, photos, sketches, and text. It is also illegal to see this type of material in child pornography.

Following the order of the Uttarakhand High Court, more than 800 popular porn sites were banned in India, including porn sites such as Xvideos and Pornhub. Actually in Dehradun, a student of class 10 was gang-raped by 4 senior students of her. Taking cognizance of this incident, the High Court ordered Internet service providers to ban porn sites.