These scams are happening on Whatsapp at this time! Click here to know and be careful


WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication platforms and there are many frauds on this platform. Fake messages are also one of them that try to trap users into a phishing trap. A new type of scam message is going on right now that hacks your friend's account and sends you personalized messages. Therefore, you should also know about this problem.

In this scam, the fraudster sends you a message claiming to be your friend and will describe some kind of emergency to get your attention. Sometimes, these messages can only come from a friend's WhatsApp number.

After telling the emergency and pretending to be friends in need, the fraudster will send you a WhatsApp message through which he will ask about an OTP.

The scammer may accidentally pretend to send you an OTP to your number and then ask you to send it back to him. The scammer wants to access your WhatsApp account. The OTP generated is basically to verify your WhatsApp account. Scammers send fake messages so that you can share that OTP.

After the WhatsApp account is hacked, the fraudster sends a message to contacts' friends to continue with the scam.

Activating two-factor authentication on WhatsApp prevents you from account takeover. Also, never share OTP with anyone. OTPs are very important and personal and never share it.