These 15 apps on Google Play Store can steal your money anytime


Android is very old and deep with apps and data leaks. Reports are coming in every day that such and such Android app contained malware that was stealing money from the banking app in people's phones. Now the security company Sophos has released a list of 20 mobile apps that specializes in stealing money from users' phones.

These apps activate subscription services without the permission of the users, some of these apps have been removed by Google from its Play Store, but some apps are still available on Play Store. It is not good to keep these apps on the phone. If these apps are present on your phone too, then you should delete them immediately.

Names of apps that steal money from users' phones

Compress Video

Dynamic Wallpaper

Gametris Wallpaper


Montage - Help you make cool videos

My Replica 2

Old Me-Simulate Old Face

Photo converter

Prank call

Recover deleted photos

Photo backup

Search by Image

Video magician


Zynoa Wallpaper