There is also a big change in Google Drive, which is the matter of your work


If you also use Google Drive, then this news is very important for you. Like Gmail, Google is going to make a big change in its drive. Like Gmail, now Google will save the Trash (deleted) of Drive for 30 days and then delete it. It starts on October 13. For your information, let us know that Google Drive currently saves Trash files for eternity.

Google has given information about this update of Drive in one of its blogs. Google has said, 'We are going to change our retention policy from October 13, 2020, under which any file in the trash folder will be automatically deleted after 30 days. This policy will apply to Gmail as well as Gmail.

According to Google, the user will get the benefit and they will delete only those files which they really want to delete. Google is also making people aware of the new policy. Google will soon show a banner to the user regarding this change.

Let me tell you that a big bug came in Google Drive only last month, taking advantage of which the hackers could misuse the drive. Hackers can also hack your phone with the help of this bug. The report said that these files can be in the form of images and documents on Google Drive, although Google has now fixed this bug.