The smartphone is getting hang, then adopt these tips!


You all must have faced a problem as a phone hangs at some time. For this, you need to know why mobile hangs? There can be many reasons for this, but the most common reason is the virus coming into the phone or the memory getting full. If your phone memory is almost full, then go to your phone's file manager, and delete the extra files. Apart from this, also clear the cache of your phone. A lot of memory becomes full with this. Because of this, the phone starts hanging.

So today we are going to tell you about such tips by which you can get rid of this problem.

Do not keep internal storage full,

If the phone has internal storage, then you should delete the unwanted files from your phone. If you have more videos or photos on your phone and delete it if it is not of any use. This will increase the speed of reading and write and your phone will not hang.

Delete unwanted apps

If there is such an app installed on your mobile that you do not use, then in that case you delete that app. There are many such apps which make some file in the internal storage of the phone and cover the space of your phone.

Use antivirus apps

Many times viruses get into your phone which slows down the speed of the phone. Viruses in phones can come from downloading an app from a third-party store or for other reasons. In such a situation, you should use antivirus apps to remove viruses from the phone.

Do not keep many apps open

If you keep too many apps open simultaneously, then the load on your mobile RAM increases and your phone slows down. So do not keep many apps open at the same time.

Delete application cache

Storage can also be reduced by deleting the cache in the phone. Open the apps by going to storage and you can clear the cache. The cache is a temporary file that stores the phone. The size of the apps which you use a lot and the size of the cache file that you use a lot are large and it keeps increasing and this also affects the performance of your mobile. Does matter. That is why you should clear this cache file after some time.