The proposed changes do not give the right to share data, are ready to answer every question: WhatsApp


Following the strict approach of the Indian government on WhatsApp's new privacy policy, the company clarified that the proposed changes do not give users the right to share their data with Facebook and the company is ready to answer every question on the issue.

A day earlier on Tuesday, the Ministry of Electronics and IT wrote a letter to WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart to withdraw the unilateral changes in the privacy policy, unacceptable. The government had sought answers to 14 questions on service and privacy policy from the social messaging app.

WhatsApp spokesperson said on Wednesday, "The new changes do not expand our capabilities to share data with Facebook." Our aim is to provide transparency and new business-related options so that we can serve our customers and move them forward.

WhatsApp always protects private messages with end to end encryption, so neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can see them. We are working on stopping this propaganda and are available to answer every question.

Indeed, WhatsApp said earlier this month that if two billion of its users wanted to continue using the messaging app, they would have to accept an update to the privacy policy.

There was strong opposition to the new terms of the company, due to which crores of people left Facebook and downloaded rival signal and Telegram app. As the controversy escalated, WhatsApp postponed the proposed changes till 16 January.