The bad news for iPhone users, now more money will have to be paid for the application


If you also use Apple's iPhone then this is bad news for you. Now Apple users will now have to pay more for paid apps and these app purchases. As per the report, Apple has increased its app charges in six countries including India, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, and Russia by the company. Apple said in a blog post that the company had to take this step due to tax increases.

GST is levied on internet companies in India at 18 percent. In addition, 2% is levied the same levy tax. It is a direct tax levied on earnings from foreign technology companies through digital transactions. Apple says that when there is a change in tax or foreign exchange rate, we have to update the prices of the App Store.

The purchase of the app DVS in the app on the App Store may increase in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Russia, and South Africa in the next few days. Apple says that to find out the prices of new apps, you need to go to the pricing and availability section in My Apps of the Apple Developer Portal. Let me tell you that it is not clear at the moment whether the prices of Apple's own Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, and iCloud in India will change. Here, let us tell you that the company has recently launched its iPhone-12, which is also being well-liked in the market.