Terrorists are using this special messaging app, works fast on 2G network too


In the midst of the privacy policy debate, terrorists have also stopped using messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It is reported that Pakistan's terrorists are using a new messaging app that has been prepared by a Turkish company. The names of three new messaging apps have been revealed, which the terrorists have started using as WhatsApp and Messenger.

Army officials said the evidence collected after the encounter with the terrorists and the information given by the surrendered militants on the process of radicalization by Pakistan-based terrorist organizations have revealed three new app names, although for security reasons The app's names have not been made public.

Based on the evidence, it has been confirmed that one of these apps is from Turkey, one is from America and one is from Europe. Terrorist groups are the most commonly used Turkish app. The specialty of the app used by terrorists is that it can also be used on slow internet. These apps work easily on 2G or EDGE networks. Explain that high-speed 4G internet is banned in Jammu and Kashmir.

Any app used by terrorists cannot be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple's App Store. These apps are being downloaded as APK files from the website. All these apps are encrypted and are happening in the encryption-decryption device itself. In such a situation, the cloud is not being used for messages. The encryption algorithm RSA-2048 is being used in these apps, which is made most secure.

Let us tell you that RSA is an American network security and authentication company that was established in 1982. This security algorithm is used extensively in cryptosystems. One of these messaging apps is such that one does not need a mobile number or email ID to use it. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to track the messenger. These apps use virtual SIM cards, although the work of blocking such apps has now started in the valley.