Telegram vs Signal: Which is the best option for Whatsapp? Click here to know


WhatsApp's new policy update has forced most users to think. The Facebook-owned Messenger app updated its privacy policy that allows users to share WhatsApp data with Facebook and Instagram. WhatsApp can access WhatsApp phone numbers, chatting, photos and videos, and all transactions. Apart from this, WhatsApp will also share this data with Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, many users have no way out of leaving this app.

Telegram and Signal are both considered to be the best WhatsApp option, offering privacy features. So should you switch to them?


The Telegram app is very similar to WhatsApp, as it comes with basic features like chat, group chat, and channels. However, unlike WhatsApp's 256 Members Limit, Telegram supports adding 200,000 members to a group. The app comes with a self-destructing message feature that deletes messages for which you don't want them to remain on the receiver's device.

The size limit for sharing files on Telegram is 1.5 GB. The app now has both voice and video calls on Android and iOS devices.

The signal has a feature similar to the telegram's self-destructing message. The best feature of a signal is 'note to self'. Unlike WhatsApp, you do not need to create a single-member group to send notes to yourself. On signal, the feature is basically available. Signal also delivers secure messages to its users and all communications are encrypted end-to-end.

Audio, video, and group call

Telegram allows more than 200,000 users in a group. It also supports audio and video calls. All video calls are encrypted end-to-end.

The signal supports group facilities with a maximum of 150 members. It has recently added a group video call feature. The app also supports regular video and audio calls, which are also encrypted end-to-end.

End to end encryption

Telegram supports E2E encryption, it is not enabled by default. The only way to use E2E encryption on Telegram is to use its secret chat feature. Telegram groups are not encrypted because secret chats are only supported for single-user communication.

The signal is by far the best and safest platform. The signal uses open-source signal protocols to implement end-to-end encryption and, like WhatsApp, E2E encryption encompasses all forms of communication on the signal.

Advertisement: Free or paid

telegram advertisement is a free service. But it recently announced its monetization plans and also confirmed that the advertising interface would be user-friendly.

The signal is completely free. It does not sell or monetize your data and does not have advertisements.

Data Collect

Data collected by Telegram includes names, phone numbers, contacts, and user IDs according to the privacy label on the Apple App Store.

The primary priority of the signal is the privacy of users, which is why the app does not collect any user data according to the privacy label provided on the App Store. The app only saves your phone number or contact information.