Telegram has come together with many new features, will also be able to edit videos


Instant multimedia messaging app Telegram and WhatsApp have been fighting for security for quite some time, although the number of WhatsApp users has always been more than Telegram, after the spread of infection, the number of users of Telegram suddenly saw a tremendous increase Got to

The biggest reason for this was that all the governments of the world, including India, started giving information related to the infection first on Telegram, although later on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, the information related to the infection started.

In the last few months, Telegram has released a number of updates. Now the company has released many features such as video editing, chat folder, and fast media view. In the new update of Telegram, you will also find animated stickers and trending gif files. The biggest benefit of the new update will be that you will be able to do basic editing of videos along with chatting.

Video quality can also be adjusted after the new update. Apart from this, you will also be able to use animated stickers during photo editing. This means that you will be able to convert any ordinary photo into a jiff file. In the Telegram 6.0 version, you will find a chat folder in which you can move any of your chats. A popup menu will also be found for the chat folder.