TECH UPDATES : Monthly report - Facebook processed 30 million content during 15 May-15 June 2021


Facebook took "action" on more than 30 million content across 10 infringing categories in India between May 15 and June 15. The social media company gave this information in its first monthly compliance report released following information technology regulations.

At the same time, Instagram took action against two million content posted on its platform in nine categories. Under the new IT rules, large digital platforms will have to publish compliance reports every month in which they will report the complaints received and the action taken on them.

A Facebook spokesperson said that over the years, the company has continuously invested in technology, people, and processes to help its users stay safe online and openly express their views on its forums.

Facebook said that its next report will be published on July 15 with details of complaints received from users and action taken.

The company said in the report that these 30 million content included content related to spam (25 million), violence and bloodshed (2.5 million), adult nudity and sexual activity (18 million), hate speech (3,11,000) among other issues.

Actions taken against them include removal of content from the platform or covering up disturbing images or videos with warnings.