TECH UPDATE : WhatsApp's chat backup will also be end you end encrypted, testing is going on


Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp does not yet provide end-to-end encryption for third-party backup ie cloud backup, but now the company is going to provide it soon. There has always been a problem with WhatsApp regarding security. WhatsApp data gets leaked every day. As many reports come about the data leak of WhatsApp, they do not come out about Signal or Telegram. Chat backup of WhatsApp has not been unsecured for a long time, because WhatsApp itself does not provide the backup facility, rather WhatsApp chats are backed up on a Google account or Apple's cloud.

WhatsApp's messaging service is completely end-to-end encrypted, but chat backups are not encrypted. Now WABetaInfo has said in a report that WhatsApp is now working on a technology with the help of which WhatsApp users will be able to encrypt their chats privately. The new update can currently be seen on WhatsApp's Android beta version

Here it is important for you to remember your 64 digit recovery code used as security before backing up the chat, if you forget this code then you will be deprived of your own chat backup and media. And even WhatsApp won't help you with this.

Let us know that WhatsApp is working on another feature after which you will be able to access the same WhatsApp account on four devices. Also, you will not need to connect your phone to the internet. For example, if you are using WhatsApp on a laptop, then you will still be able to use WhatsApp on the laptop when your smartphone is switched off. This feature is also currently in beta testing.