TECH UPDATE : Twitter's first report card - 94 complaints received and action taken on 133 URLs


In India, people are aware of the tension between the central government and the social media platform, Twitter, regarding the new IT rules. Along with this, it has also come to the fore that Twitter has been reluctant to follow the new rules. But now the news is that he has started working according to these new rules. Yes, because Twitter has published a compliance report. In this, information has been given about the action taken on the complaints received from May 26 to June 25.

First compliance report, 94 complaints received

Microblogging platform Twitter received 94 complaints and 'action' on 133 URLs from May 26 to June 25. This information has been given in Twitter's first compliance report. Issuance of compliance reports is mandatory under the new IT rules. The US firm has appointed Vinay Prakash as its Resident Grievance Officer in India amid a dispute with the government over new IT regulations.

Twitter has also published its first compliance report under these rules. In its India Transparency Report: User Complaints and Forward Monitoring, July 2021 report, Twitter said it had received 94 complaints. From May 26, 2021, to June 25, 2021, it has 'action' on 133 URLs. These include complaints from individual users with court orders.

20 defamation, six exploitation/abuse, and four obscene material complaints

Twitter said that 20 of the complaints received through the Complaints Officer-Indian channel were related to defamation, six to exploitation/abuse, and four to sensitive adult content. Apart from this, there were three complaints related to violation of privacy and one complaint related to the infringement of intellectual property. Apart from this, the company has also settled 56 complaints appealing for suspension of Twitter accounts and an appropriate response has been sent to them.

dismissed the complaint of suspension of seven accounts

Twitter dismissed complaints about the suspension of seven accounts as a special case. Others, however, had accounts suspended. Twitter suspended 18,385 accounts under a separate category - 'aware data-monitoring. These accounts were suspended for child abuse, pornography, and other similar content. 4,179 accounts were closed on charges of promoting terrorism.

Twitter has about 1.75 crore users in India

Twitter has about 1.75 crore users in India. Twitter is having a dispute with the Indian government over the new social media rules. Twitter has lost its legal shield as an intermediary in India. Now she will be responsible for any kind of illegal content posted by the users.

These companies have already given their reports

Twitter said it would publish the report on a monthly basis going forward and it would improve over time. Companies such as Google, Facebook, and Ku have already published their first compliance reports under the IT regulations. Facebook said it "action" on 30 million content across 10 infringing categories between May 15 and June 15. Meanwhile, Instagram processed two million pieces of content across nine categories.