Tech Update: The world's first roll-out smartphone will be launched in the market soon, you will get these special features


As time is advancing, technology is advancing rapidly. Where we heard about the foldable phone a few years ago, now a rollable phone may come into the market soon. Chinese company TCL is going to launch the world's first roll-out smartphone. Which you can roll and shrink and stretch again to make it bigger. A recent video showed a glimpse of TCL's rollable smartphone. In which they have shown the features of this phone.

Earlier this year, TCL announced that the company would roll out the phone. So this time some videos related to this phone have also surfaced. The screen size of this TCL phone is 4.5 inches. But you can pull it up to 6.7 inches. The thickness of the phone does not increase even after rolling. It is being claimed by TCLA that this phone can be rolled over two lakh times. Apart from this, this smartphone will come with an OLED display.

It is being said that this phone will be available to buy in the markets soon. Apart from this, customers will also see many other features in this smartphone which have not been used in any smartphone before. It is the same hope that in terms of price also, this mobile will not be more expensive according to the Indian market. However, it may take a little longer for this smartphone to come to market.