TECH UPDATE : Reliance AGM 2021: There may be many big announcements including cheap smartphone-laptop, know everything here


Reliance's 44th Annual General Meeting (RIL AGM 2021) is going to be held today i.e. on June 24. Due to Corona, this time to RIL AGM will be broadcast through video conferencing from 2 pm. Apart from all the social media platforms of Jio, you will be able to watch RIL AGM 2021 live on the Jio Meeting app. You will also get updates on this event on the Twitter handles of @FlameOfTruth and @RelianceJio. Before this event, Reliance Industries has also prepared its WhatsApp chatbot assistant. Reliance says that this AI chatbot assistant is ready to answer questions from more than 3 million shareholders of Reliance. Reliance first used the chatbot during the rights issue last year. The chatbot has been created by Jio Haptik, which provided technical support to the Indian government's chatbot against Corona. In this event of Reliance, there can be many big announcements like Jio Phone 3, Jio Book, 5G Device. Let's know about them...

Jio Book

According to the report, in this event, Reliance Jio will launch its first and cheapest laptop named JioBook. 4G connectivity will also be available in JioBook. Jio's laptop JioBook will have forked Android which will be known as JioOS. All Jio apps will be supported on the laptop. Apart from this, 4G LTE will be supported in JioBook. It is being said that Reliance has partnered with Chinese company Bluebank Communication Technology for JioBook. The same company is manufacturing JioBook laptops. Let us tell you that this company has also prepared Jio Phone.

Millions of users are waiting for cheap 4G smartphones from Reliance Jio and Google. Jio and Google had a partnership only last year, under which there is a plan to launch 4G Android phones at a low price. In the report that surfaced so far, it was being claimed that Jio will present a cheap 4G phone in this event. It was also claimed that Jio will bring a 5G smartphone at an initial price of Rs 2,500.

Jio Phone 3

In the year 2017, Jio surprised the whole world by launching Jio Phone, the world's first feature phone with 4G network support. After the immense success of Jio Phone, Reliance Jio launched Jio Phone 2 which was very similar to the Blackberry phone in appearance, while now it is reported that Reliance will launch a new phone by the name of Jio Phone Lite or Jio Phone 3. . A report by English tech website Track. in claimed that Reliance Jio is preparing for the launch of Jio Phone Lite. The price of Jio Phone Lite can be close to Rs 399.

Big announcement about 5G

In this event, Jio can make a big announcement about 5G. For example, a phone may be launched with 5G support or a commercial trial of 5G may be announced. The company can also make many big announcements including new plans for Jio and Jio Fiber.