TECH UPDATE: Portonics Launches Wi-Fi LED Projector Beam 200 Plus in India


Photonics, a portable and innovative consumer electronic brand, has announced the launch of its new Wi-Fi LED projector 'Beam 200 Plus'. This Wi-Fi LED projector comes with multiple connectivity options. It has an in-built VGA port, USB port, HDMI, SD card slot, etc. It is also suitable for mirroring on projectors directly from Android and iOS devices.

It has been launched keeping in mind the needs of some people in the lockdown caused by the infection so that people can enjoy the theater at their home. 'Beam 200 Plus' is compatible with laptop, PC, phone, tablet, Xbox, PS3 / PS4, or USB cables. Most importantly, it offers a great wireless streaming experience on the OTT platforms, YouTube, due to its Wi-Fi feature.

The multimedia LED projector on the Beam 200 Plus comes with a bulb life of 30,000 hours. Portronics' wireless projector promises great sound quality through its 4-watt inbuilt speakers in addition to a bright and HD video quality picture.

Features of Beam 200 Plus

Extra Lumen: The 'Beam 200 Plus' LED projector equipped with 200 lumens provides additional lumens, picture brightness, and great brightness. The in-built speakers also give a great sound experience.

Multiple connectivity options: 'Beam 200 Plus' gives you the option of various screen sources such as VGA port, HDMI, SD card slot, USB port, etc. to display your favorite content on the big screen.

Mirror your device: You can easily mirror your Android / iOS screen on a large screen. You can share your phone screen with a larger screen via the Direct Cast option or USB mirroring. It has an XL display and provides full HD resolution for ultra-vivid picture quality.

Wide compatibility: LED projectors can align with all your favorite devices. It can be connected with a laptop, PC, phone, tablet, Xbox, PS3 / PS4, or USB cables without hassle.

Long-lasting bulb: It is suitable for conferences, movie watching, or even photo galleries for endless time. It has a LED bulb of 30,000 hours of life.

Price and Availability: The 'Beam 200 Plus' is available at a price of Rs 19,999. It can be purchased with one year warranty from all major online and offline stores.