TECH UPDATE : PM Modi Twitter - PM Modi becomes the most followed leader in the whole world


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the most followed politician on Twitter all over the world. PM Modi has become the most followed global leader on Twitter after former US President Donald Trump's account was suspended.

The number of followers of PM Modi on Twitter has crossed the 70 million mark. Pope Francis is the second most followed person after PM Modi with 53 million followers. PM Modi follows 2,349 people.

PM Modi had created his account on the microblogging site Twitter in 2009. During that time he was occupying the post of Chief Minister of Gujarat. Within just a year of joining Twitter, the number of followers of Modi had reached lakhs. In July 2020, the number of followers of PM Modi was 60 million i.e. 60 million and now a year later in July 2021, the number of followers has increased by more than 10 million.

Till the time of writing this news, the number of followers of PM Modi was 7,00,20,809. Let us tell you that 26.3 million people follow Home Minister Amit Shah on Twitter, while Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has 19.4 million followers.

PM Modi is very active on social media. Today, on International Tiger Day, he has shared a post on Twitter. PM Modi is the most followed leader while in power, but in general, former US President Barack Obama tops the list with 129.8 million followers. Canadian pop star with 113.8 million followers is Justin Bieber. At number three is the American singer whose number of followers is 108.8 million.