TECH UPDATE : Pegasus spyware - This is a call to be careful, in the age of 'unbridled' power, tapes on mobile phone cameras will stop 'spying'!


'Pegasus spyware' has created panic in the world. It is alleged that people are being 'spied' through mobile phones. Apart from politicians and people involved in the government, journalists, scientists, civil society activists and people associated with the legal and judicial system have been mentioned in this list. Questions are being raised on this issue from the road to Parliament. Is this a 'wake-up call for us, a cautionary alert, will espionage stop by taping the camera of a mobile phone, which we have assumed to be a supercomputer.

In the Corona era, someone is targeting us by making 'fear and panic' a weapon. Violation of digital privacy and 'unbridled' power in the hands of the government, the country's eminent IT and cyber affairs expert and Supreme Court lawyer Pawan Duggal has answered these questions in a sequential manner. Read, when did the marathon race of 'spy' through Pegasus spyware started and now how and where it will end.

Pegasus spyware starts its work like this...

Israel's Pegasus spyware is being used for spying. This is a computer program with the help of which any phone can be hacked. A link arrives on the target person's phone. As soon as he clicks on the link, Pegasus spyware starts working. Wherever and no matter how securely the data is kept in the phone, it is taken out. Nothing remains like photos, videos, SMS and emails, etc.

IT and cyber affairs expert and Supreme Court lawyer Pawan Duggal said in a conversation, it is true that after the Corona period, an atmosphere of 'fear and panic' has arisen among the people. People are being targeted by making it a weapon. A few months ago, when the second wave of corona wreaked havoc in the country, there was a shortage of medicines, injections, oxygen, and other equipment. Messages from the providers of the said items started pouring in on people's phones for SMS and email. When there was a time of trouble, many people clicked on the email, SMS, and WhatsApp links from unknown sources to save their lives. This mistake hands over your phone to the 'spy'.

The government also got a chance to intercept the phone.

As Pawan Duggal, during the Corona epidemic, many types of curbs were put in place. The new software has been seen. There were also allegations that during the Corona period, personal information of people is being collected through various apps. However, the government denied this. The government says that no one's phone is tapped illegally in the country. On matters related to national security, that too, following a prescribed legal procedure, phone taping may be permitted.

The intercept process is also allegedly violated under the guise of corona or national security. Sometimes an attempt is made to justify the term 'intercept' as 'monitor'. According to Duggal, Pegasus spyware is an alert for us. This is a wake-up call for the people. Especially regarding cybercrimes, people have to be careful. People, make cybersecurity a part of your lifestyle. You need to be careful not for a minute, but for 24 hours

Tape on a mobile phone camera and avoid missed calls...

There are many spy software on the market similar to Pegasus spyware. You have to find a way to escape. If the missed call is from an unknown source then do not answer it. In particular, take special care about calls from another country. The microphone of the mobile is activated by invisible means. Duggal says, since we have considered mobile phones as supercomputers, it has become our enemy. Keep the app on the phone at least. Keep your data back up. If not necessary, cover the mobile phone camera. Put tape on it.

You do not know that the phone has been hacked through software. The phone's camera turns on automatically. The photos, videos, and other files present in the mobile phone immediately go to the hacker. Telephone conversations can also be traced through Pegasus. If the link sent by the hacker is activated once on the phone, then assume that the phone is with you only for listening and doing. All the documents and files on the phone are transferred.

Keep in mind that the government should not have unbridled power...

Supreme Court advocate Pawan Duggal has said in clear words that the government has increasing unbridled power under the changes that have come in cyberspace after Kovid. People have to pay special attention to this. Whether the government is breaking the security cycle of your digital privacy with any pretext, has to be kept in mind.

IT laws are not strong enough and strong in our country right now. It is the endeavor of the government that maximum restrictions should be put in place. In such a situation, it becomes the responsibility of the opposition and the people to see that the government does not have unlimited powers. The government should not consider the interception rule as its right. The Data Protection Bill should be made a law at the earliest. It should include such provisions that no person, organization, or government can play with the privacy of the people. The IT Act will also have to be amended. If the government does all this with honesty and fairness, then the marathon race of spying can be stopped through technology like Pegasus spyware.